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Plastic surgery is a term used to describe both reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Mr Watts is trained in both. Reconstructive operations are generally carried out after an illness, accident or disease to restore form and function or to correct genetic defects.  Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery refers to enhancements such as liposuction, face lifts or breast augmentations.  In certain cases, both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures are necessary to achieve the desired result.

Mr Watts has a modern practice providing a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Please click on the blue links above for detailed information about each procedure.

In addition, Mr Watts also provides the following cosmetic and reconstructive procedures: brow lift; cosmetic surgery after pregnancy, weight loss or bariatric surgery; gynaecomastia reduction (man breast reduction); inverted nipple correction; labial reduction (female genital surgery); mole removal (benign and cancerous including reconstruction with grafts and flaps); scar revision; skin cyst removal; split ear lobe repair and tattoo excision. Please contact us for further information about any of these procedures.

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